Be IN the picture!





Be in the Picture is an idea and concept that I have constructed myself and carries a copyright. I invite my customers to choose one of the prints taken from my original watercolours then using the customer's photos of the person/s they want 'In The Picture', I transfer the photographic details needed to reassure likeness and then hand paint and naturally include and blend them into my printed scene.


Photographs look more natural in the painting if the person(s) are not looking into the camera lens but I know that is difficult to avoid so don’t worry if this is not possible or if you prefer to see the whole face.  I will do my best to blend it all into the picture naturally. If you want more than one person 'In the Picture' but they are not on one photograph, please advise or send another photo just to show me how big or small they are in relation to one another.


I can also dress the people 'in the picture', as either a fairy or a pirate, which adds a lovely touch if that sounds like something you'd like.

Here are some examples of my previous 'Be in the picture' work...

'Be in the Picture' orders can be taken via my email address Upon placing of order I kindly request payment via BACS, credit or debit card via PayPal or Cheque for the full amount. P&P cost advised before order is placed.

All of the images below can be used for 'Be in the Picture'. Choose your favourite!

Choose from these base images...

'3 Men on a

(men substitued for

chosen people)

'Corbyn Head'

People or pets can be added to 

the foreground


'Busy boy'

(boy substitued for

chosen person)

'Tails of Brixham'

(people substitued for chosen people)

'Berry Head

Time to Stare'

'Crab Craze'

"Devon Lanes"